Currently there are around 2000 coins / tokens listed at Of the many choices of coins it is certainly a question, where you invest your money. It is natural that you feel indecisive and carry out in-depth analysis. But the question is in what aspect do you analyze.

I am not a financial or investment expert, but I am a person who wants to learn. So, what I shared was my input and suggestion as a reflection of my learning in crypto investment. If you have known crypto for a long time until its development so far, then you will not be unfamiliar with the term mining with proof of work and proof of stake methods.

Basically, we both know that we want maximum profits with reasonable capital and little risk. Crypto mining is the way we get more coins than we can afford. Choosing the right mining method is one strategy in choosing coins to invest. Today, of the many coins available, the masternode method is the most popular method to produce more coins. The proof of work method is less efficient in terms of resources and time. Masternode has little in common with the staking method where you don’t need hardware preparation to do crypto mining. But still, masternode is different from staking.

Masternode is similar to a franchise business in the form of nodes which are full copies of blockchain in real time. Masternode helps verify transactions that occur on a blockchain to be added to public ledgers. In return, masternode owners will get new coins from the cryptocurrency. The big difference with the staking method is that it only has a PC and coins of any amount, masternode requires a certain amount of coins to be used as collateral.

Continuing with the new question, almost all new coins now offer masternode methods with high ROI rewards, which coins should you choose?

Choose the Useful Coin

From my analysis, new coins will come with a high bid at the beginning and it will become natural if within a few weeks the price of the coin will fall and the reward will decrease. Almost all coins experience the same thing, but starting from this point the selection will begin for reliable investors.

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