Since its phenomenal appearance until now, blockchain has greatly influenced the development of financial technology, especially the concept of shifting views from centralist to decentralized. Although there are still many people who look to the eye with many doubts, on the other hand there are also many investors who began studying blockchain and cryptocurrency. In fact, the development of financial technology cannot be denied and one by one people began to recognize crypto and were interested in all its features.

The current condition to start crypto investment is certainly very different compared to the past few years, especially when cryptocurrency is not yet popular. For those of you who are new to crypto, your perception is likely to lead to Bitcoin. Then you just compare it with Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dash, and start looking for investment advantages on these coins. However, when you learn more, you are now aware that there are thousands of crypto types (in the form of coins / tokens). You may be confused because popular coins are already in a price position that is too high to start investing compared to thousands of other coins that have entered the crypto market list. Then, how do you start?


Start with SaveNode

Investment should be something that is easy to do, so many people want to do it. Even though, the investment platform has now developed and brings its own challenges to investing, at least investors must be willing to be technologically literate.

In the midst of the development of the crypto world and the proliferation of new coins, it is natural that you feel confused or hesitant to vote. It is wise to carry out in-depth analysis and investigate the background of a crypto project (coin / token).

Crypto projects that deserve to be chosen as our investment platform must have clear development goals, a mature vision and mission, and solid integration. This can be analyzed in a simple way through:

  • Official website that is easily accessible
  • Clarity of the development concept on the whitepaper
  • Solid and active community
  • Organized social media
  • Registered on a trusted market list and popular exchange crypto
  • Wallets and applications that are easy to download and run

You can analyze all coin offers one by one. But, there is one that you can now prove as the easiest crypto investment option and fulfill all the analysis requirements above, you can choose SaveNode.

The idea is that you can still invest in various popular crypto but integrated in one application. The SaveNode application will be useful as your wallet and investment portfolio. In addition, through the SaveNode application you can also staking and masternode easily.

SaveNode is a fork of PIVX that forked Dash that forked Bitcoin, starts in Q2 2018, but in a relatively short time has gained tremendous interest. Of course, in developing the application, it must be done in phases until it can be used in full. Until the launch of the application is in full version, you can start investing by buying SNO (SaveNode coin) and benefit through the staking or masternode method. Here is the SaveNode Roadmap:


  • Q2 2018 – Project start-up. Product conception. System architecture development.
  • Q3 2018 – Premining, pre sale of masternodes, wallets for desktops. Exchange listing & White paper
  • Q3 2018 – Development of application commences. Growth of community.
  • Q4 2018 – Crypto Partnerships for SaveNode offerings.
  • Q1 2019 – Release of v1 SaveNode App.

Get Started Now

To invest crypto, you need a wallet in the form of an application where you will save coins / tokens. The SaveNode wallet is available in Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it via the link options below.



Buy SNO (SaveNode Coins)

After you have prepared your wallet, you are now ready to fill it with SNO (SaveNode Coins). Currently you can buy SNO in Crex24 and CryptoBridge.

Setup Masternode and Get More Coins

Masternode is a very popular method today to gain crypto. The Proof-of-Work method is less efficient in terms of resources and time. Masternode has little in common with the staking method where you don’t need hardware preparation to do crypto mining. But still, masternode is different from staking.

Masternode is similar to a franchise business in the form of nodes which are full copies of blockchain in real time. Masternode helps verify transactions that occur on a blockchain to be added to public ledgers. In return, masternode owners will get new coins from the cryptocurrency.

The big difference with the staking method is that it only has a PC and coins of any amount, masternode requires a certain amount of coins to be used as collateral. In addition, you also need a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to build a masternode that is where you create a full copy of the blockchain node.

The following is a complete detail of the masternode structure in SaveNode.

Premine : 300000 SNO
POW end : Block 60
RPC Port : 29712
1-100 90% 1 0% 0
101-15,000 10% 5 90% 1000
15,001-40,000 10% 50 90% 2000
40,001-60,000 10% 100 90% 4000
60,001-100,000 10% 400 90% 8,000
100,001-150k 10% 1200 90% 16,000
150k-300k 10% 2000 90% 32,000
300k-1M 10% 750 90% 64,000
1M-3M 10% 500 90% 100,000
3M+ 10% 10 90% 200,000


SaveNode Coins Bounty

Great opportunity for you to have SNO without buying it just by doing simple tasks. SaveNode is currently running a spectacular bounty program with a total of 8,000 SNO prizes. To join this bounty program, please follow the instructions below:

1. Click the following link >>

2. Register and Login


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